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  • We can provide help, support or advice for any of your computer needs, at very competitive rates.


    Hardware repairs and upgrades

    Have you been advised to buy an expensive new computer? That may not be necessary - a simple upgrade may be all that you need.

    In particular, a relatively cheap memory upgrade will greatly improve the performance of an older computer. We suggest a minimum of 1GB for Windows XP, and 2GB for Vista or Windows 7.


    Software or operating system installation

    We can reinstall or upgrade Windows, or copy your files and documents to a new computer, preserving your valuable files and documents in the process.


    Broadband or dialup Internet access

    Want to know what option or which ISP is best for you? Need help with installation or setup? Do you have more than one computer and want to share printers or set up a home network? We can help!


    Antivirus, firewall and security

    If you are connected to the Internet, you need them. But are yours set up properly, up-to-date and effective? Is your wireless network safe from intruders? We can check and advise.


    Computer problems? Won't boot?

    Worried that your valuable files may have been lost? Even if the computer is broken, we may be able to recover or copy them.


    Free and alternative applications

    Just as good as the more well-known ones, but which can cost you far less! We can advise on what fits your needs, and then supply or download them, as well as helping you with the installation.


    File, photo and music management

    Do you have lots of files that need organising? Would you feel safer with a permanent archive, but don't have the facilities to do it?



    We can also provide personal and group training for home, office and professional applications, e-mail and the Internet.

    We will always try to help - just ask.


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